Aoa! The anime pandora hearts is a really creative anime . It is a merge version of the story “THE WIZARD OF OZ”  and “ALICE IN WONDERLAND” . Even the main characters names are ‘OZ’ and ‘A’LICE’ . This is a story about a young boy named ‘Oz Bezarius’ who belongs to a royal family . On his 15th birthday ( coming of age ceremony ) something goes wrong and he ends up in a place full of nothingness called ‘The Abyss” . There he meets a girl named “Alice” . Alice is also called ‘B-rabbit’, she is a chain , she is able to change her form to a huge giant black rabbit with an axe ( ok , it sounds kinda weird but trust me itx awxm ) . So ,  Alice and Oz make a contract due to which they are somehow able to come back to the real world but when they return , Oz founds out that already ten years have passed and everyone’s changed , because the time in abyss  contradicts the real one . But their are few people whom he can trust and from on there the story carries on and their relation ship grows . This is an action anime with a mysterious vibe , there are a feeeeeew romantic scenes and a good comedy . The art’s good too!

                          Oh wait , did i mention Raven ? Girls ,……. you will absolutely fall for this guy  😉

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Guardian: The Lonely and Great God

Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, a Korean drama also known as goblin.  Goblin is a mesmerizing drama written by the legendary rom com writer  Kim Eun-Sook.

The drama centers around a goblin who is 939 years old and he doesn’t  want immorality anymore.but for his immorality to end he need his bride to take the sword out. He served as a general in goryeo era.He was killed by the king and because of his sins deity made him immoral. A beautiful love story between goblin and his bride who is a hardworking and optimistic high school student .The story also revolve around a grim reaper and his love a chicken shop owner sunny.These four peoples lives becomes more interesting when they meet each other.

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If I have to rate this drama, I will give it a 10 out of 10.The genre of this drama are fantasy, romance, comedy and a little bit of action.

If you are a romcom lover,this drama is a must!!!!!!!!!!!!!


kim goo eun
Kim go eun / bride
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Yoo in ya /sunny
goong yoo
goong yoo /goblin
lee dong wook /grim reaper


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Are you tired of rich guy poor girl love stories,school romance and simple love stories.Want to try something different than normal love stories! then try watching legend of blue sea.

A love story between a human man and a beautiful mermaid!!!!!!Not only it shows the the tragic love story between a young mermaid and a human man in joseon era but also a happy love story between the reincarnations in modern day.

Sounds interesting right. Try watching it!

This fantastic drama is written by Park Ji-eun an award winning writer, with Lee min ho, jun ji-hyun, and kal so won casting in

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jun ji hyun
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shin hye sun
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shin won hoo
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lee min hoo


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12 sai chicchana mune no tokimeki

12 sai

                                         Aoa! If you are looking for  a break from all the fighting , action type anime and want a cute and heart sweetening anime then this anime is made for you! ❤ … 12 sai , contains two female leads  who are only 12 years old , it tells us small girl problems and growing up during which they experience their first love . The art is really good , and the opening and ending to season 1 is really catchy . It is really a must try especially for girls i guess .

It has two seasons , 12 episodes each!! I hope you have fun watching this sweet anime 🙂

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Boys over flower is one of the hit and famous drama.it’s also a must watch for comedy romance and high school  genre lovers .Quite an old drama ,released on 2009.the graphics of the drama was comparatively better than drama released on and before 2009.

Main leads

  • LEE Min Ho as GUN Jun Pyo
  • Gu Hye Sun as  Geum Jan-di
  • Kim Hyun Jung  as Yoon Ji-hoo
  • Kim Bum as So Yi-jung
  • Kim joon as Song Woo-bin

NO OF episodes: 25


Geum Jan- di is a poor girl who belong to lower middle class and is daughter of dry cleaners .She gets admission into prestige Shinwa High school, a school for the elite class by saving a boy who was being bullied.there she meets F4 ,the richest, handsome and spoiled young masters .Gun jun-pyo , Yoon ji-ho , So Yi- jung and Song woo-bin are members of F4. She is bullied by every one in the school but Gun Jun-pyo fall in love with Geum Jan di. many love rivals are shown


It was my second k drama and it hooked me up. Story line was quite typical ,love story between rich guy and poor girl but still i liked the drama a lot. The story line was great, chemistry between the  lead was great too .IT portrayed  all the character beautifully.but i didn’t like the mothers of geum Jan di and gun jun pyo one was greedy and the other was rude.The story looked like Cinderella  type but the main lead was strong . i will give this drama a 10/10 rating as i liked it very much .The drama is actually based on Japanese manga hana yori dango and have Japanese,Korean Taiwanese drama adaptations. i watched all of them but i  found this drama best out of all adaptations.  i recommended this drama to all my friends